Botanic Beauty

Since I've been living in Berlin I always wanted to visit the Botanic Gardens but somehow never made it there. Lately Inês visited Berlin and apart from other really beautiful pictures she shared some of the Botanic Gardens on her blog (click) which reminded me that it is spring, a sunny Sunday and time to finally set out to explore the gardens. I love greenhouses with their very own magical atmosphere and in these gardens there is a large one where you can spend days... It's a world in its own, like a short holiday, like being far away of the city and the urban hassle.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

July to July // Update April

295/365 - Magnolias

Magnolias, cherry blossoms and a lot of sunshine - that was April's gift to Berlin. And April was already the 10th month of my 365thing... The 10th! Time flies...
but I hardly need to tell you that ...

Apart from work, I photographed a lot in the free time left. For instance, in one of the oldest bars of Berlin (last picture), where you still get egg liqueur and on Sundays home-made rissoles. In there, it is as if time has stopped somewhere at the turn of the century. We did a 20s-inspired-photoshoot and I can't wait to show you the results! But for now: here are my favourite Aprils!

297/365 - Feierabend

294/365 - Warriors

296/365 - evening light

298/365 - Kitsch Galore!

291/365 - spring!

288/365 - dancing under the trees

285/365 - black chicklet

280/365 - off-season

292/365 - traces

301/365 - and they already begin to fall

303/365 - one of the oldest bars in Berlin

The whole album is on Flickr: click
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Desktop Wallpaper // May

(1920 x 1280)

The wallpaper for May shows my very first view of the Shetland Islands and that's why it means quite a lot to me. With the old Bressay Lighthouse that welcomes you after the long sea journey and says goodbye when you head out to sea again. It means arrival, relief, exhaustion, adventures, shakiness, curiosity, goodbye and all these things that you may relate to travelling. It was a gloomy early morning when our ship manouvered into Lerwick harbour and these greens and blues and greys will always be my Shetland colours.

You can download it for free by right-clicking and saving or you can download it on my Flickr.

I hope you all have a happy, sunny May!