Usedom // Winter at the Baltic Sea

These pictures are of last January from a trip to Usedom, an isle in the Baltic Sea. There is something very beautiful and even mystical about the sea in winter. The places are like in a deep sleep with the season still far away and only a few tourists in the streets, the sound of the restless waves their constant companion. It's grey and windy and cold and wet - perfect for long walks along the beach, the wind clearing the mind and the thoughts free for wandering.

Come with me to the shore and let your thoughts wander, too.

a series

When you enter a house, you enter a microcosmos, a little world of its own, with its individual tastes, rules and customs. I have always been fascinated by house entrances and since I have been living in Berlin with so many beautiful old, to some extent pompous, turn of the century buildings, the idea formed in my head: to take pictures of them. Because that is also a fascinating part of photography: you can collect many individual things and put them together so they form an overall picture that tells you new things.

Last summer I took the first picture (the one in the top left hand corner) and since then I have been keeping my eyes open for open doors or glass doors and illuminated hallways...

Berlin Hallways // Berliner Flure

Berlin Hallways // Berliner Flure

Berlin Hallways // Berliner Flure

39/365 - Überlin

Berlin Hallways // Berliner Flure

If you want to peek into more houses, I've started an album on Flickr where I'll be adding more of the treasures I find behind Berlin's doors:

July to July // Update December

166/365 - warped by time and winds

The first half of my 365pictures-project is over - and so far I'm mostly enjoying it. Although I have to admit that the dark season doesn't make it easier. Since most of the days it's already dark when I have time to photograph and I don't fancy going everywhere with a tripod, most of the pictures are shot without one, which does not make the whole thing easier. But on the other hand: it's really amazing what you see and get when you are not in your comfort zone, which for me is landscape and streets. Before I startet this projects, I never really got the hang of taking pictures indoors or making close-ups, but this is changing bit by bit. So, to wrap this up: although, there isn't a good picture every day (of course) and it's sometimes a bit frustrating when there really isn't a satisfactory result, the days when you really see that you learned something new, have an unexpected good outcome or watching yourself develop are so much more rewarding. Having said this: Cheers to the second half, which I hope will be as much fun as the first and which I hope you keep enjoying with me!

154/365 - winter is for developping analogue pictures

156/365 - geometrical symmetry

159/365 - an old lady and a good friend

162/365 - Herrnhuter Stern

165/365 - the simple things

168/365 - home

169/365 - U-Bahn-TV

173/365 - Christmas Concert

175/365 - lamp

176/365 - the Christmas Tree

177/365 - sunset at Christmas Day

183/365 - New Year's Eve

The whole album is on Flickr: click
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