analogue memories of the sea

Usedom in January was wonderful - a bright sun, a clear blue sky, lonely beaches and a calm, slightly moving sea. I took with me a Zenit B, which my Dad got me last year on a flea market. It is only the fifth or sixth roll of film and until now the Zenit didn't disappoint me at all. I definitely want to use her more.

Although these pictures were taken in January, looking through them makes me instantly think of long gone summers, of childhood memories and school holidays. It's a very special atmosphere created by analogue photography and this old camera.

Come with me along the beach, think of summer, wind and ice cream ... ;-)

July to July // Update March

250/365 - the strange beauty of lost places

With March came spring and with it came longer afternoons and new enthusiasm. Nevertheless, most of my March pictures are still created with little light, and somehow became more and more abstract. But that is what I hoped for when I started this project: that it forces me to try out new things without being restrained by a theme or rules or the like. Freeing my mind.

Now 2/3 of this project is gone and of course it is exhausting sometimes especially after a long day and much still waiting to do. But somehow this also leads me into completely new fields... when scarcity in whatever, may it be time or things or light, leads to working with what is there and being surprised by the outcome, this will go into your photography and your knowledge. This is why I still love this project so much.  Ok, this being said, I'll leave you to my favourite Marchies! Hope you enjoy! :)

267/365 - look beyond the surface

247/365 - sudden snow

244/365 - backstage

254/365 - bricks

256/365 - naked trees

259/365 - Berlin U-Bahn colours

263/365 - postcards from the loo

265/365 - music is light

261/365 - some nights are just magical

268/365 - the trees are alive

272/365 - Berlin in a puddle

260/365 - spring

270/365 - Berlin, Schöneberg

Desktop Wallpaper // April

(1920 x 1280)

For the April wallpaper I chose one of my alltime favourites from Shetland. 

You can download it for free by right-clicking and saving or you can download it on my Flickr.

Have a great April!