time travel

Two weeks ago I travelled in time. Photography-wise. It was the weekend of my long-awaited wetplate workshop. Wetplate photography is one of the earliest photographic processes and has lost nothing of its fascination over all those years. On the contrary. Especially nowadays when it doesn't matter if you take 10 or 100 pictures, the constraints and requirements that these old processes impose upon us are an experience that goes far beyond photography.

That weekend all of us created about 10 plates and we were working on it almost eight hours a day. It's a fully "physical" process that requires craft, chemicals and finesse. You start from cutting and polishing the glas plate, over to mix and put the chemical liquid on it. Then you have about three minutes to take a picture until you have to develop your plate, fix and water it. After that it needs drying and varnishing. All in all I think I needed about an hour for a plate. An hour! You can imagine how much the picture means to you afterwards.  And you will never be able to create exactly the same picture twice. It's sad and good at the same time.

When I compare the techniques of today and the past I cannot say that one is better than the other. They are too different and I see advantages and disadvantages on both sides. But the moment when the plate is in the fixer and you watch the actual picture appear bit by bit while carefully swaying the tray... this is magic.

Thank you so much, Dave, for sharing your knowledge and for creating this fantastic workshop!

Kitsch Galore at Titisee

I have to admit that the Titisee is not the typical place I would put on my bucket list and it was rather by chance that we ended up there for some days. In high season I would rather not like to go there, since it really is a very touristic spot with all the clichés that make most of us run away from such places... But since it was off-season, most of the happy plastic shops closed and we were almost alone in town. So we could embrace all the beautiful nature and the advantages of a vacated touristic place. The Titisee is a picturesque lake surrounded by the Black Forest and directly on its shores lies a little town that shares its name with the lake. When you are making your way around the lake on one of the old, baulky pedalos, gently dandled by the water, surrounded by the emerald green mountains and the majestic trees, the old white chapel in the distance... you feel transported directly into a vintage postcard or a very old and very cheesy movie. :)

July to July // Update February

229/365 - Sunday evening

February was short and intense, included a lot of trips and with that also time for reflection and new ideas.
Again, I chose some of my favourites of my everyday-pics to show you here...  Enjoy! :)

237/365 - into the night

222/365 - half hidden

223/365 - how I see my cello

231/365 - traffic

227/365 - through the looking glass

241/365 - on the road

224/365 - portrait

217/365 - Winter in Berlin

236/365 - on the ferry when it rains

239/365 - evening

221/365 - Berlin Cathedral

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